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The circular motion of the wheel was converted to a reciprocating motion at the saw blade.

Generally, only the saw was powered, and the logs had to be loaded and moved by hand.

These cams are let into the shaft on which the waterwheel sits.

Besides the sawn timber, use is made of all the by-products including sawdust, bark, woodchips, and wood pellets, creating a diverse offering of forest products.

The Hierapolis sawmill, a water-powered stone saw mill at Hierapolis, Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey, then part of the Roman Empire), dating to the second half of the 3rd century, is the earliest known sawmill.

The arrival of a sawmill was a large and stimulative step in the growth of a frontier community.

Early mills had been taken to the forest, where a temporary shelter was built, and the logs were skidded to the nearby mill by horse or ox teams, often when there was some snow to provide lubrication.

The circular motion of the wheel was changed to back-and-forth motion of the saw blade by a connecting rod known as a pitman arm (thus introducing a term used in many mechanical applications).

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